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Bi-Folding doors are an exciting product providing a wide range of glass wall solutions, creating additional living space for today’s contemporary lifestyle, bringing the outside inside, revealing previously hidden unrestricted space for entertaining or family life with an inviting and comforting ambience. In contrast to the size limitations of standard uPVC French doors or uPVC patio doors the DWM Bi-Folding uPVC Doors create an opening up to 5 metres wide.
Bi-Folding Doors open inwards and outwards and come in a variety of finishes. So now you can be creative as you want and let the DWM Bi-Folding uPVC Doors open your mind to a whole new range of possibilities and a new way of living that blends spaces together and brings the outside inside. Think of a glass wall that you can open and close and you’re pretty close to imagining what a Bi-Fold door is like.
It’s more than a patio door – much more. When we say a DWM Bi-Folding door brings the outside inside, that’s exactly what you can achieve. You can use a Bi-Folding door between your patio and home or even a conservatory and your home. Their unique multi panel folding operation means you don’t have to have all the panels open if you don’t want to and as they incorporate the latest locking mechanisms found in modern double-glazed entrance and patio doors, they’re also very secure. The number of panels will usually depend on the span or opening to be covered, with a typical panel width being the same as one opener on a patio door. Our sliding folding doors are available in aluminum or uPVC.
Let our Bi-Folding doors transform the way you live your life. Whether you choose to relax in a stylish open plan living area, or you want to create beautiful panoramic views from any room, Bi-Folding Doors from our unique range provide you with versatility and flexibility you need to create a relaxing and ambient environment.


These top quality Bi-fold Doors are as tough as they are beautiful, being fitted with toughened or laminated glazing and all the latest security features, to provide a formidable barrier against even the most determined would-be intruders.


Bi-fold Doors are perfect for all seasons: keep them closed in winter and watch rain and snowstorms from the warmth and comfort of your favourite chair. In spring and summer, throw them wide open for days of al fresco living.

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